Shanti Foundation 2013

Shanti Foundation 2013


Back in 2006, Kumar Manchharam established The Shanti Residence in Nusa Dua, a stunning private villa overlooking the Indian Ocean. The Residence was (and is) a very successful property. For that reason, in December 2013, an inaugural “Loving, Sharing, Giving” Day was held to give something back to the people of Bali. On this day, around 100 underprivileged children shared in games, activities and food. An exhibition of young inspiring Balinese artists was held and also a scholarship program was launched that day.
In January 2014, Kumar established the Shanti Foundation as tribute to his late mother, Shanti, whom the Residence and Foundation are both named after. Shanti, meaning peace, is an appropriate name for the foundation, which aims to continue the philosophy of “Loving, Sharing and Giving”. The foundation contributes back to society by providing scholarships for underprivileged children, amongst other philanthropic pursuits.

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