Shanti Foundation East Project

Shanti Foundation East Project


In the beginning of October 2014, the Shanti Foundation team, led by ConstansyNurdiana, made a long journey to the dry eastern regions of Bali. They went to visit three out of the six hamlet schools in the area. These six schools are really the only hopes for the children desiring a better education and a bright future. Two of the schools the Shanti Foundation visited, Bung and Jatituhu, are located on a remote area up on Mount Abang. The other school, Cegi, is located on Mount Agung and is slightly easier to reach. Having witnessed the lack of infrastructure here, the Shanti Foundation pledged to support the East Bali Poverty Project, who have been working hard to help the area. “We feel a great need to support the East Bali Poverty Project; hence the Shanti Foundation has decided that the schools managed by EBPP are very suitable for our education aid program” remarks GustuMarhardika, Director.
In 2014, two students were awarded scholarships. Ni LuhGedePutriYunitaDewi is currently pursuing Diploma 3 of Hotel Management

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